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Tips for traveling with a E cig

Tips for Traveling with an E-Cig Now that you have purchased an e-cig and organic e liquid to go along with it, you will inevitably be forced to travel with your device. If you were a smoker before, you know that traveling always upsets the balance between your body and the nicotine that you crave. That relationship becomes even more complicated with an e-cig setup because you can’t simpl…

Top 9 Organic E-Juices for 2018

The 9 Best Organic E-Juice Flavors for 2018You have a lot of choices available to you, as an enthusiast for e-juice and handheld vaporizers. The amount of options and flavors out there can be dizzying if you do not get a handle on it quickly. Often, your choice will go beyond simple flavors and require technical knowledge to really seal the deal and get you the product you truly desire. How ar…