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Will Trump save Vaping?

Posted by on 25th Jan 2017

Trump has set the record as the first-ever President to have never been previously elected to public office or serve in the U.S. Military. He is not a traditional politician, and doesn’t fit the typical vision of what a President should be. One thing is for sure, the man hates President Obama and everything he stood for, including every piece of legislation that Obama ever pushed through.

Trump wants to pull out of our European peace treaty NATO, thinks NAFTA was a “disaster,” and refuses to support the newly proposed TPP trade deal. He has also overturned the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) on his very first day in the Oval Office. Once Trump learns that the FDA Deeming Regulations were actually a secret pet-project of Obama’s that he forced through the political system during his last six-months in office, The Donald might just want to overturn those, too – purely out of spite, if nothing else.

In late 2009 and still in his first term, Obama signed into law theTobacco Control Act. The bill sailed through Congress because – at the time – Congress was controlled by the Democrats. It is this single piece of legislation that is the basis for the newly released FDA Deeming Regulations.

Furthermore, Obama named a relatively unknown consultant from a major pharmaceutical company,GlaxoSmithKline, to be placed in charge of a new branch of the FDA called theCenter for Tobacco Products. His name was Mitch Zeller, and he would become solely responsible for overseeing the implementation of theTobacco Control Actand consequently the FDA Deeming Regulations.

That’s right. To get his Obamacare Package off the ground, Obama gave a Big Pharma Fat Cat the full authority to overregulate and overtax the fledgling and infinitely less powerful vaping industry – an industry whose only sin was the creation of a product that saves millions of lives from smoking addiction while making Big Pharma products like “the patch” and Nicorette gum nearly obsolete.

In a recent article by Vice, Dr. Michael Siegel was quoted saying “With a Trump presidency, and with a Republican control of the Senate, we ironically have a tremendous opportunity to once and for all craft a sensible regulatory strategy for electronic cigarettes and vaping products”.

The future of vaping in a Trump presidency looks promising, being that the GOP has taken control of congress, along with two pro vaping congressmen who also won re-election- Congressman Duncan Hunter from San Diego and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. There are two options that give vapors hope “one would be for congress to vote to strike down the FDA’s vaping regulation, under the Congressional Review Act. Another option would be to introduce entirely new legislation that would regulate vaping products completely separately from tobacco products as the FDA has them now”- Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association.

As it stands the vaping industry will be crushed by the FDA’s damming regulations on August 8th, 2018. This gives advocates a year and half to make their voice heard and save vaping from destruction. Lets stand up for our rights and make sure this does not happen.   

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