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Make the switch to Vapor Pens

Give up smoking with vapor pens – the stats don’t lieTar and nicotine as well as the many other chemicals, said to be over 200, contained in cigarettes have been denting government budgets for years when it comes to medical care. That’s because a large majority of health problems recorded in any given country has been directly due to [...]

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Love Smoking??

Love Smoking, but Don’t Love the Bad Smell?If you are one of the many people that enjoys smoking, but you also know that continuing to inhale thick clouds of smoke is going to eventually become detrimental to your health, then maybe ecigs are the answer to all your problemsNot only does smoking cigarettes smell terrible to others around you that [...]

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Why ecigs have become so popular

Why have ecigs become so popular?Probably one of the most asked questions within the ecig industry is the question as to why they have become so popular since their release and so this is the very first topic we are going to coverIn fact forms of alternative cigarettes were already available years before the electronic cigarette boom came to light. [...]

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Great article by Whoopi Goldberg!

Who would have guessed Whoopi has glaucoma.  What better way to relieve it than a little weed pen!

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Vaping in Public

Lucy's BlogVaping in PublicTo be fair I’ve only been vaping about a year. I’ve always liked to push the barrier a little so I was very interested in the reaction I would get vaping in public. As of yet I have gotten a few odd looks but no complaints and quite a few of people interested [...]

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