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Organic E-Juice steeping 101

Organic E-Juice Steeping 101 It’s an unavoidable reality that the methods used to create most kinds of e-juice can have some unsavory effects on flavoring. “Steeping” can be a reliable way to ensure you get as little of that extra noise as possible. For example, e-juice is created using a PG or VG base (which stands for propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin respectively). PG is a chemic…

Tips for traveling with a E cig

Tips for Traveling with an E-Cig Now that you have purchased an e-cig and organic e liquid to go along with it, you will inevitably be forced to travel with your device. If you were a smoker before, you know that traveling always upsets the balance between your body and the nicotine that you crave. That relationship becomes even more complicated with an e-cig setup because you can’t simpl…