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The best tanks to vape your organic e juice in 2018

The Best Tanks to Vape your Organic E-Juice in 2018 You might be wondering, after taking your first steps into the wonderful world of organic e-juice, if there is any other way to align your rig with the healthier ideals of organic juices. The good news is that it is possible to do some research and end up with the right tank and rig for your organic e-juices. The bad news is that there is qui…

Organic E-Juice steeping 101

Organic E-Juice Steeping 101 It’s an unavoidable reality that the methods used to create most kinds of e-juice can have some unsavory effects on flavoring. “Steeping” can be a reliable way to ensure you get as little of that extra noise as possible. For example, e-juice is created using a PG or VG base (which stands for propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin respectively). PG is a chemic…