About Us

Lucys was created out of pure need.  We wanted to find the cleanest and purest organic e liquid available.  This proved tough, there was no site out there that sold all the brands of organic e liquids.  Thus Lucys was born.  We carry only 100% VG organic e liquids that use ISO 7 rated manufacturing facilities. This means that we provide our customers only the highest quality, cleanest, most organically pure e liquid available.

On top of that we strive to provide the highest level of customer of any e liquid site.  We have free shipping for any order over $20, priority shipping(which means you could get your e liquid order in as little as two days) on any order of four bottles or more and same day handling.  You can call us at 805-459-7370 or email brian@lucysvaporpens.com with any and all questions and we will answer them in a timely manner.  

Thank you for shopping with Lucys Vapor Pens, the #1 site for organic e liquids.