Tips For Traveling With An E-cig

Tips for Traveling with an E-Cig

Now that you have purchased an e-cig and organic e liquid to go along with it, you will inevitably be forced to travel with your device. If you were a smoker before, you know that traveling always upsets the balance between your body and the nicotine that you crave. That relationship becomes even more complicated with an e-cig setup because you can’t simply run off to the corner store and buy a new one whenever you want. There are certain disposable options, but after owning a powerful box mod or vapor pen and enjoying the great selection of organic e-liquid flavors at, those can be quite underwhelming.

But, have no fear! We are here to help. This guide is designed to give you all the information you need to travel with an e-cig at home and abroad. The best thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge and come prepared- especially if you will be traveling through any security checkpoints. Remember, ignorance is no defense. You can get your device confiscated with little chance of return...or worse. Learn to pack with confidence, on the other hand, and you can take your device all over the world.

What You Absolutely Need To Know 

The first concern you should have is safety. Experienced users might scoff at the idea of a vaporizer being dangerous, but there are legitimate safety concerns. After all, this is still a relatively new hobby and there are many different companies involved in the manufacture and maintenance of vaporizers. All you have to do to understand is recall the trouble Samsung had with one of their phones. If a company that large and experienced had an issue with exploding batteries- a cheap box-mod made in China can too.

Luckily, there is much you can do to avoid this and/or mitigate your losses if a failure does occur:

● Remember to disassemble your device before packing it away- especially if it’s in a bag that will be out of your sight for any amount of time.

● Keep the battery and tank separate. If your bag is being scanned, this can keep you from being flagged. The simpler a device looks, the less suspicious it will be. 

● When you separate your tank, you should be sure to empty it, as well. Any pressure changes (like those on a flight) can cause the tank to leak or rupture all over your belongings. 

● The Department of Homeland Security warns, “Lithium batteries must be handled with extreme care. Lithium batteries must be compatible with the device. Installed batteries must not be more powerful than what the device is designed for.” 

● Overpacking can seem smart, but it can also land you in trouble. Bringing an extra coil or battery is a good idea, but 20 extra batteries and a quart of extra liquid is going to be a pain to handle or pass through a checkpoint.

● Don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose. Arguing with a gruff local or even a nonplussed TSA agent can ruin your vacation quickly. Leave what you can’t take with you.

● Don’t assume that anywhere is okay with vaping. There are still many places that allow vaping indoors, etc. However, the world is now much more aware of e-cigs and there are also many places that don’t allow it. Try not to push it.

How To Take an E-Cig To an Airport

Considering over 2.5 million people fly in and out of airports in the United States every day, there’s a large likelihood that you, too, will someday have to bring your e-cig with you to the airport. Ever since regulations were increased in response to terrorism, people have been much more careful about what they bring to security. It can be a scary, dehumanizing process, but it keeps deadly contraband off our aircraft. Again, arm yourself with knowledge and you should have no worries when packing up your favorite e-cig.

Checked or Carry On? 

The biggest thing to remember is that you are no longer allowed to pack your e-cig in any checked bag. That means any bag that you give to the gate agent and is carried underneath the plane on the way to your destination. This rule includes: battery-powered e-cigs, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems and any spare lithium-ion batteries.The Federal Aviation Association has implemented this rule due to the advent of cheaper devices and more dangerous batteries.

Now that vaping has caught on, with over 13% of American saying they have tried it, many less-reputable companies have started making devices that are cheap and dangerous- simply to try and catch the wave. This can lead to fires and small explosions, both of which are astronomically worse when they happen on an airplane.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take your e-cig with you on a flight, in fact it just means you’ll have to keep it closer to you. You can bring your e-cig with you in your carry-on luggage and even in your pockets. Keep in mind that this means that it will be subject to search and pack accordingly (see some of the tips mentioned in the section above). 

What About the Organic E Juice? 

Taking your e-cig with you isn’t that convenient if you can’t bring your organic e-juice with you. It is certainly a great deal easier to find in a convenience store than a good box-mod, but you might want to bring your own. To that end, vape juice functions just like any other kind of liquid to the TSA and there are different rules for liquid in a carry-on versus liquid in a checked bag.

For one, there are significantly less restrictions when it comes to flying with liquid in a checked bag. Your best bet, considering you will be hard-pressed to find a place to vape on a day of travel, is to pack your e-liquid with any checked luggage and simply pick it up at baggage claim. There are likely more restrictions for international flights, but this is the easiest way to avoid trouble.

If you would like to take your liquid with you, you have to abide by the TSA’s “3-1-1” policy. To break this down: they will allow containers of liquid that are 3.4 ounces or less (or 100 milliliters) if they are packed in a 1 quart-sized bag- this is limited to 1 bag per person. If you can remember this simple rule, you will be able to take your juice with you wherever you go.

Tips and Tricks for Air Travel:

● Bring a self-addressed envelope with you just in case you encounter some less-than-friendly security agents. Then you can just mail it back to yourself in the worst-case scenario.

● You cannot charge your vaporizer while you are on the plane. Most of the safety issues that have occurred, occurred while the device was charging. It is against regulation and, in general, a bad idea for a flying aluminum tube.

● All the same rules for smoking now apply to vaping. That means no clandestine trips to the bathroom, unfortunately

. ● This bears repeating, empty your tanks! You can cause a horrible mess when the pressure changes if you don't. Not to mention, you can crack and break the o-rings in your atomizer.

● You may be tempted to vaporize in a non-vaping/smoking area, but it’s a really terrible idea. The TSA is looking for any reason to bump you off a flight, don’t give them ammunition. 

● Bring a battery case. Even the most well-made batteries shouldn't spend much time in close proximity to other batteries. It’s asking for trouble. Seperate your batteries and charge in a safe environment. This will help the world come to terms with your new hobby and keep you safe, at the same time.

Remember, although it can be a pain to have to remember all of these regulations simply to travel, the TSA is an important organization that carries a heavy load year-after-year. Just in the time around Thanksgiving, they can screen up to 26 million passengers. Try to be nice, knowledgeable, and compliant. You really don’t want to be the guy that gets vaporizers banned from flying altogether.

If you would like a list of airports that allow vaping/have vaping or smoking sections, see the link here.

For airline-specific rules, this link is a great resource as well.

Crossing the Border 

There are a lot of reasons to cross the border these days. Being prepared to take your e-cig with you is simply a good idea. The rules aren’t that much different than at an airport and you should be able to avoid most trouble by staying in the know.

International Rules 

There are as many different e-cig policies as there are nations. Simply cross the border into Canada and there are immediately new rulesets to memorize. The best strategy to staying clean is to make sure you understand the rules for any new place you go. Countries like Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay, and others have completely banned the use of e-cigs. I would recommend staying far from those places if you want to vape. Even Canada has made it illegal to sell e-liquid by virtue of their federal regulations. However, they allow their specific provinces to determine laws like that, and as of right now, you can find e-liquid anywhere in the Great White North. Here is another resource for Canadian vapers. 

This handy infographic can help you understand the differences between vaping laws at home and abroad.

If you are heading to Europe, a quick glance at your destination’s regulations on Wikipedia couldn’t hurt.

At Security Checkpoints

It’s possible you will be stopped at a checkpoint crossing the border in a car. If that’s the case, they have the ability to search through all of your belongings for very little reason. Sometimes it can even be a random check. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check your luggage yourself and make sure you aren’t bringing along any contraband. 

For example, it is legal for guards at the Mexican-American border to check and confiscate any electronic devices they come across- including your e-cig. It might be a good idea to disassemble your device for this purpose, as well. Vaping is very touch-and-go in Mexico right now and it’s best to keep yourself out of trouble by making your vaporizer setup as low-key as possible. 


Most cruises are going to have a well-defined smoking policy. Plenty of nicotine gets consumed on those boats, you just have to make sure you align yourself with their company policies and keep yourself out of trouble when you inevitably cross the border in aquatic style. For the most part, you can bring your devices with you- you just simply can’t use them in your room or your personal balcony. We all know that there is nothing dangerous about using an e-cig in a personal room, but most cruise lines treat vapor the same as they would smoke. 

To use an example, the popular Carnival Cruise ships will charge you $250 if they find evidence you have been smoking or vaping in your stateroom. They will charge it directly to your account and there is likely little you can do about it. Even if you hide it, their cleaning crew can be exceptionally thorough. There are always areas on the boat that will allow smoking, try to keep your vaping to those areas and you should be fine. 

What Happens If My E-Cig Gets Confiscated?

Travel always entails a certain amount of risk to you and your possessions, but it’s no use being a shut-in. You will most likely be able to bring your e-cig with you, no problem. However, if that worst-case-scenario occurs, and you get your possessions confiscated- you can always turn to for new juices and great new vapor pens. Our lineup is growing constantly and you owe it to yourself to take a look. When you are out traveling, remember to relax. Organic e juice is only a click away!