Top 9 Organic E-Juices for 2018

The 9 Best Organic E-Juice Flavors for 2018

You have a lot of choices available to you, as an enthusiast for e-juice and handheld vaporizers. The amount of options and flavors out there can be dizzying if you do not get a handle on it quickly. Often, your choice will go beyond simple flavors and require technical knowledge to really seal the deal and get you the product you truly desire. How are you supposed to keep track of all that information?

Luckily, those of us here at Lucy’s Vapor Pens have assembled a quick and easy guide to the best flavors and the easiest pathway to great vapor. The great flavors and options available on our online store are more than enough to satisfy even the most stringent consumer. But there are a few things to cover before you need to decide between   Bear Blend Mintz or the Dragon E-liquids Dragon Kiss. After all, the whole purpose of quitting smoking and joining the e-liquid revolution is to get healthy. Do you know what goes into the e juice you use?

 Organic vs. Inorganic

When you buy any product in the late 2010’s, it’s likely you’ll encounter a label that says that you have purchased an organic product. It’s a word that can mean different things to different people, but at Lucy’s Vapor Pens, it means this: sustainable, VG-based e-juice that uses organically harvested nicotine- typically grown right here in the United States. That means you’re going to be ingesting a lot fewer chemicals than you would with inferior e-juices. 

We’ll be visiting this topic shortly, but inorganic e-juice actually uses a product that is developed in the manufacturing of petroleum and can even work as a plane de-icer at airports. There’s no need to start a class-action lawsuit over it, it can be ingested safely. But, many just feel more comfortable using a natural product- and they wouldn't be wrong.

 PG vs VG

It’s a bit of a hot topic in the e-juice and vaporizer industry: which should you choose, PG or VG?To the layman, this will sound like jargon or insanity, but bear with me- it’s not that complicated.

For starters, when you are choosing your e-juice, you will often have a choice between these options. If you are a new vaper, there is usually nothing around that will help pick between them and it can be confusing or disheartening. But, the difference is simple:

PG: This stands for propylene glycol, a chemical additive that has been marked as safe for consumption. This is the medium in which your flavor is suspended and is vaporized upon contact with your heating element. There is nothing particularly dangerous about this chemical, although the research is still being done. There still remains a general fear that PG’s will be proven to be harmful as the years pass.

VG: E-juice that consists of VG operates in a very similar way. The VG is a medium that the nicotine and flavor is contained in and is vaporized upon use. However, VG stands for vegetable glycerin and is made from processed plant matter. When an e-juice is 100% VG, it can be called organic.In fact, all of the e-juices available at  Lucy’s Vapor Pens are completely organic and safe for consumption- meaning they use 100% VG.

Many, as the stock of VG goes up, have been combining the two kinds of e-juices together to create a type of hybrid flavor. This is a good idea if you would still like to use PG, as it combines the best of the two options. However, PG is still involved and therefore the e-juice could not be considered completly organic.

Brands Available

If you are shopping for e-juice, you should really be shopping for organic e-juice. If you are shopping for organic e-juice, there’s really no better place to go than Lucy’s Vapor Pens. They offer several different brands of e-juice and the selection is growing by the day. Lucy’s Vapor Pens only trusts organic e-juice manufacturers like:

● Kind Juice E-Nectar

● Vape Organics

● Bear Blends

● Etc.

When shopping for flavors to use with your new vape pen, those really can’t be ignored.

And, without further ado, here is the list of the 9 Best Organic E-Juice Flavors: 

9. Dragon E liquids Dragon Kiss

Dragon produces some of the best, highest-quality e-juices on the market and is available at Lucy’s Vapor Pens. They are committed to using 100% organic e-juice in all of their products and have been a mainstay in the lineup for some time. 

The Dragon Kiss is what’s known as a “breakfast” e-juice. That means the flavors inside will remind you of the sweets and pastries typically associated with the morning hours- we’re talking cinnamon toast, maple syrup, even cereal. The Dragon Kiss, in particular, has a “base of toasty belgian waffles smothered in bananas, dripping in sweet chocolate”. I don’t think I have to explain why that would be desirable. Eat a healthy breakfast and then indulge with the Dragon Kiss by Dragon E Liquids

8. Bear Blend Original

The top-seller for Bear Blends is top in our hearts, as well. Again, made from 100% organic vegetable glycerin, the Bear Blend Original avoids using any harmful chemicals. However, it’s jam-packed full of “Red Raspberry, Mullein, Lavender, Mugwort, Rose Petals, Damiana, Catnip, Calendula, Lobelia, Fair Trade Vanilla Bean and Water Soluble Vanilla Extract”. That sounds like a lot, but the folks over at Bear Blend are experts at blending those flavors together into a very original e-juice. 

This is a flowery, smooth flavor that will have you relaxed and smiling in no time. The Bear Blend has many imitators but has never been duplicated.

7. Kind Juice Night of the Living Grapefruit

If you are looking for quality organic e-juice, Kind Juice has burst onto the scene with some fantastic options. This flavor sticks out not just because of the hilarious name, but you tend to not see grapefruit flavors represented very often. It’s not just grapefruit, however, there are also notes of vanilla greek yogurt to even out the bitterness. Every juice from Kind is guaranteed to be gluten, dairy, and cruelty free and it’s made right here in the United States using just 3 ingredients: VG, botanical extracts, and “Real Flavor Concentrates”. This is a great starter juice from Kind, who started with tropical flavors like these and have gradually evolved to feature some of the more interesting options that we’ve seen.

6. Vape Organics Strawberry Limeade E Juice 

Vape Organics are the varsity squad at Lucy’s Vapor Pens. We offer great deals on awesome brands, but there may be none better than Vape Organics. They are truly committed to the 100% VG future and offer killer flavors to boot. Vape Organics even claim to use only organic USA-grown tobacco that guarantees quality on the back of the USDA. 

The strawberry limeade e-juice that Vape Organics has put out is to die for and is one of the best-selling flavors on the whole site. It’s plenty sweet, reminding you of a classic limeade at your local drive-in, but it never goes overboard. That means you can vape off this liquid all day without ever growing weary of the taste. It’s a great adult alternative to munching on candy at work all day. 

5. Dragon E Liquids Frosted Dragon 

The Dragon is back with the Frosted Dragon flavor, available only as a 100% organic product. This is the first on the list that is primarily fruit-flavored (I consider a strawberry limeade to be a sweet treat). These are great flavors to pick when you want something flavorful but not overpowering. This can be a good choice for taking with you on a walk through nature, for example. It combines the sweet taste of dragon fruit and papaya to make vaping a more tropical experience.

4. Bear Blend Moon Berry Blend 

This is the first year making this list, but if this was an annual affair- the Bear Blend’s would be mainstays in the top five. They just know how to mix a cocktail of flavor together. This time, the ingredients are: Red Raspberry, Mullein, Mugwort, Lavender, Damiana, Catnip, Rose Petals, Passion Flower, Motherwort, Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Holy Basil and Water Soluble Rose or Berry Blend Extract.

As you can see, the mix is similar to the original. The genius of Bear Blend lies in the ability to change that original mix and make it into something different and better. This time, the blend is fruitier and more lively than the original- replacing some of the creamier flavors with sweeter ones. 

3. Bear Blend Mintz 

I told you they’re good. Bear Blend gets the top marks for my personal list for offering a mint flavor. As a smoker, I started out on menthols and, though I eventually switched to standard cigarettes, they hold a special place in my heart. However, I found out that they use fiberglass and other harmful components to get that minty taste. 

It’s the exact opposite with the Bear Blend Mintz at Lucy’s Vapor Pens. This is a clean 100% organic product that won’t ruin the inner parts of my lungs. Instead they offer a blend with: Peppermint, Mullein, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lavender Flowers, Mugwort, Rose Petals, Catnip, Calendula Flowers, Damiana, Lobelia, Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Powder and Water Soluble Spearmint Extract.

2. Kind Juice Highway 66 

Highway 66 is a very unique kind of e-juice, no pun intended. There are many e-juices that have attempted to replicate the flavor and experience of tobacco without the combustion over the years. Kind Juice has taken that approach to the next level by only using high-quality aged tobacco that has been brewed for 8 whole weeks. Each brew is then steeped for an additional 3 weeks and triple-filtered. This results in some of the most dynamic tobacco flavors that money can buy. Make no mistake, Kind Juice has taken out all the stops to truly create a flavor that tastes like the real thing. If you’ve been missing the old-school taste of cigarette or (more comparably) pipe tobacco, take a trip down that familiar highway with Kind Juice.

1. Vape Organics Blackberry and Mint E Juice 

They’re back! This time Vape Organics deliver a knockout blow in the form of their Blackberry and Mint E-juice. This is the best selling item at Lucy’s Vapor Pens but that’s not even half the reason this juice is tops on the list. You already know Vape Organics’ stellar reputation as an organic e-juice producer, now they’ve combined their pedigree with a juice that will knock you out of your seat. 

The flavor is a perfect mix of berry and mint that leaves your mouth feeling alive and awake. This is a great juice for those of us who need a little puff early in the morning but don’t want the heavy flavors of a breakfast blend. The hybrid of the sweet and minty can be a game changer. I highly recommend you try this as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and remember, all of these flavors and more can be found at Lucy’s Vapor Pens for great prices and with even better service. Do yourself a favor and visit our website today!