Vaping in Public

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Vaping in Public

To be fair I’ve only been vaping about a year. I’ve always liked to push the barrier a little so I was very interested in the reaction I would get vaping in public. As of yet I have gotten a few odd looks but no complaints and quite a few of people interested in what it was I was smoking(vaping). There are a lot of people who are completely unaware of what a vapor pen is. So it has turned into me educating a bit and generally have conversations with complete strangers which is something I was not expecting.

Most people assume I vape because I quit analogs(cigarettes) but that isn’t the case for me. I smoked cigars some but wouldn’t say I have nicotine addiction. In fact I only use the e-juice without nicotine, it just dosnt have that much effect on me. Instead I have been using various juices with caffeine which gives me a little energy rush,maybe that of a cup of tea.

So I have used my vapor pen walking through downtown, grocery stores, restaurants and casinos. My opinion is that if people have a problem with me vaping I would very politely put it away but I’m not going to ask permission to use it in a establishment. A certain amount of respect should be given to the public such as making a small vape cloud, directing the cloud down and away from people and not being confrontational about it.

The more of the public that is exposed to vapor pens and their use the more the public will be educated about what they contain and how truly harmless they are. That is one of the benefits of using a vapor pen in public, expose the masses to vaping and hopefully differentiate vapor pens and cigarettes. Lumping them together could be one of the worst things for the vaping movement. Already many public spaces unfairly ban vapor pens.

I hope this helps our fellow vapors, please feel free to leave any comments.