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Vape Organics Blackberry and Mint E Juice

 Vape Organics has gone out of business, if you cant add it to the cart that means we are permanently out of that nicotine/flavor.  But the good news is Lucys is still committed to bringing you the very best Organic E juice.  Try our other brands like Kind Juices Once in a Blue Moon or Mean Little Vanilla Bean

Vape Organics is the only E-Juice company out there that makes organic juice on this level.  All their juice is 100% VG and is the only USDA certified E-juice manufacturer on the market. The nicotine is sourced from organic US grown tobacco, none of that sketchy Chinese nicotine here. The Blackberry and Mint flavor is a fan favorite with the sweet taste of blackberry and the cooling effect of mint.  Since this juice is 100% VG it is great for strong all day vaping producing none of the side effects like headaches or sore throat of those non organic VG/PG Blends.  Order 4 or more bottles of e-juice and get upgraded to priority shipping for free!!

**  Check out our review of this e juice on the you tube video below!!

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  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Flavor is Blackberry and Mint
  • 100% VG
  • 0, 3,  6 or 12 mg Nicotine
  • Size is 30ml

* Free Shipping on all US orders over $20.   Free shipping to Canada on all orders over $85. International shipping calculated at check out.

**Products displayed on this site contain nicotine, a poisonous and addictive substance. Sale to minors is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties. Must be of legal smoking age. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 – WARNING: Vape Organics products may contain nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Some recent reviews


Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2016

Love this flavor. Definitely strong on the mint, but I can taste the blackberry too. 100% VG is much nicer on the throat as well. Lucy's fast shipping is great!!



Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2016

I had been using e juices made from pg for a while. I had severe irritation in my throat due to the side effects of pg. I was so anxious to open up the blackberry and mint...and I can say once I vaped the juice a view times I knew I had discovered something worth buying again...and again..I have not had any side effects such as sore throat, tight neck, and nausia. You notice the difference immediately.Smooth, healthy, flavorful vaping e juices available at Lucy's!!!





Product Reviews

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Great product!! Glad I switched to Vape Organics!
Written by Alexandria Lang on 9th Jan 2019

I recently had a severe allergic reaction to a JUUL MINT flavored pod. I ended up at an urgent care clinic. Turns out that I am fairly allergic to PG and combined with their MINT flavor made it really bad. I switched to Vape Organics and tried the Blackberry + Mint. I have had no negative reactions and my previous allergy symptoms have completely cleared up. The juice works well refilling my JUUL pods so I didn't have to buy new vapes. I am not totally crazy about the blackberry + Mint flavor but had such a great experience with Vape Organics that I ordered two more of different flavors. I highly recommend it!

Blackberry + Mint
Written by Sue Glover on 22nd Oct 2018

It is super! I mix it with the Trubacco E-Liuid. Sue

The best juice out there.
Written by Wanda on 19th Oct 2018

Blackberry + mint is a smooth, sweet with a hint of mint flavor. An all day vape. No throat burning. All organic and no artificial ingredients, giving the best, enhanced flavor.

Smooth and cool
Written by Wanda on 11th Oct 2018

The very BEST vape juice out there. Vape organics have nailed it. This is the ONLY vape juice I use. No throat burning or artificial ingredients. This flavor is the absolute best with sweetness and just a hint of mint.

BlackBerry plus mint
Written by Wanda Jones on 11th Sep 2018

The best vape juice I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. Nothing else out there compares to organic vapes. Just enough sweetness of blackberry and hint of mint.

Cool and refreshing
Written by Kyle on 21st Aug 2018

It's a refreshing cool subtle flavor. It reminds me of a good cup of tea!

My Favorite
Written by Corey on 23rd Jul 2018

Easily the best of VO line, in my opinion. I'm not a fan of too many e-liquid flavors - natural or otherwise, but this one is passable for me. The "blackberry" flavor is hard to pinpoint: it comes off more as just general sweetness, but the mint flavor is there and easily detected and pleasant. Mild flavor is great for all day vaping. Would recommend.

Best Vape flavor I've had so far
Written by Leah on 15th Jun 2018

I learned very quickly after starting to vape that I didn't like the way I felt when my vape juice contained VG. I also didn't like that most juices I found I had no idea what was in them. I was drawn to Lucys while searching for organic 100% VG juice with fast shipping. I was not disappointed! I received my order in just a few days and the flavor was the best I've ever had. Oddly, it does taste like pink lemonade to me, but I love it! It will for sure be my "go to" from now on.

Organic is the only way
Written by Jaime on 10th Apr 2018

Flavor is clean, smooth, and not overwhelming. The Mint is what I taste the most and it taste just like smelling/biting a fresh mint from a mixed drink. The blackberry is subtle, but it is there for sure that gives it a subtle sweetness on the exhale. I love this because after eating, the mint freshens up my breath! Perfect juice for being stealthy.

Best Flavor Ever
Written by Mikey on 14th Feb 2018

I'm still relatively new to vaping, but I've still tried a multitude of flavors. I've tried brands from Cuttwood, to Cosmic Fog, to Vape Organics, to Bare Naked, to Kind, to Kalari, etc.. and this is by far my favorite flavor. Even within the Vape Organics brand, I've tried Melon Mystique, Solar Powered, and others, and this is still Numero Uno. The only flavor that comes close is Bare Naked's LemonRaz. My top 2 by far, and this one is my #1.

Blackberry mint
Written by Missy on 6th Feb 2018

I was new to Lucy’s organics and decided to try the blackberry mint and it was actually better than I imagined! No throat burn, great aftertaste and I really enjoy the flavor! I will definitely purchase again!!

Written by Scott on 10th Dec 2017

Very tasty, definitely can taste and smell blackberry. Mint isn't too strong either, a nice touch to pair with blackberry. Even my dog tried to "chomp" the clouds lol!! I only smoke 0 nicotine and this helps me to stay away from cigs and nicotine.

Blackberry mint
Written by Dlop3z on 5th Dec 2017

I use to buy this product from vape shops I Seattle. Since I moved to SoCal I hadn't been able to find it. So, I was happy to find it on this page. The shipping was fast, and the flavor just like I remembered. The only reason I have it a 4 star is because the bottle I received has a lid that is not working properly. It is very hard to open, won't go on all of the way, and leaks. Hopefully the next one will be good. I will but again from this site.

Written by DM on 19th Oct 2017

Not harsh for your throat at all and that it is organic, I would recommend this to anyone.

Excellent and Consistent Quality
Written by undefined on 1st Oct 2017

For many years I smoked "light" menthol cigarettes. I tried many e-juice products and never found a menthol that was right for me, and finally gave up attempting to find an e-juice menthol that I liked. I tried Vape Organics Blackberry and Mint E Juice and have been purchasing this from Lucy's for well over a year. The quality is excellent and consistent from one bottle to the next.

Natural and Smooth Vape
Written by Karim on 26th Sep 2017

What I like about Vape Organics is their guarantee that the ejuice is 100% VG and natural/organic, and I can really tell from how smooth the vape is. As a mint flavor fan, I tried the Blackberry Mint flavor and it is as advertised - A hint of Blackberry and a light mint kick making an overall nice minty vape that is not too harsh. The only thing I did not like about the flavor is that there is a slight "Cough Syrup" taste which I believe is from the blackberry.

So Far My Favorite
Written by undefined on 14th Jul 2017

I've purchased four different flavors of Vape Organics. This flavor is by far my favorite. The mint tastes really fresh - like real mint, not mint gum/menthol. The blackberry is more tart than sweet and it tastes real and flavorful. I will definitely be buying this one again.

Written by Nick63 on 16th Jun 2017

So clean, so fresh, and so tasty! This is by far the best juice I have ever tried. Quality you can see and taste. Will not use any other juice ever again. The taste is very subtle and accurate.

Surprisingly great taste
Written by undefined on 3rd Jun 2017

Great taste would definitely buy this product again.

BlackBerry & Mint
Written by Kean Rodin on 22nd May 2017

I love the herby spice flavors almost like eating a mint such a refreshing flavor so far my all time favorite, mint is such a strong herb that it over powers most of anything when cooking etc. so understand if you only taste a hint of fruit but all of vape organic line is the best healthiest way to go green

Exceeded My Expectations
Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2017

A year ago I was in search of an excellent e-juice with menthol flavor. I tried Vape Organics Blackberry and Mint and have been using it since. In my opinion it does not qualify as a menthol, but it is quite good.

The Best
Written by Jay on 9th Feb 2017

Very smooth and now my favorite!

Great flavor
Written by undefined on 8th Jan 2017

Love this vapor I haven't even wanted to try anything else

Great flavor
Written by R.O. on 9th Dec 2016

I really enjoy this flavor. It has just enough mint to enhance the blackberry, which is not sickening sweet, by the way. It's wonderful to use all day. I use a dripper, and am not disappointed by this juice.

All day vape
Written by Charlie on 2nd Dec 2016

Smooth real mint taste, not an artificial menthol flavor. Blackberry is there, but subtle. A well rounded all day vape. Can't beat this company, top notch ingredients and solar powered facility!

Very good
Written by undefined on 8th Nov 2016

Very good and refreshing!

Delicious and easy on the throat!
Written by DM on 24th Sep 2016

I'm an absolute stickler for 100% VG liquid, which is getting harder and harder to find - even the local mixers who *claim* to be 100% aren't, and my own throat is the first to let me know! This is an absolutely awesome flavor, and my throat tells me that Lucy's is on the up-and-up - this is 100% VG all the way. Thank you - I look forward to ordering this delicious mix, and others, again!

Stickler for pure VG - finally found it!
Written by Debra Miller on 23rd Sep 2016

I can't use any eLiquid with PG, even a small percentage - my throat is so sensitive to it that I lose my voice *entirely* on anything less than the real thing. Not only is this liquid kind to my throat, but it also has a delicate but delicious flavor that is actually not only tasty, but soothing! I ordered 2 other flavors (Spiced Apple Cider and Melon + Tea), and though I haven't tried them yet, if they are the same quality as the Blackberry Mint, I anticipate enjoying them just as much. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

Written by Jennifer on 10th Sep 2016

I've been vaping for over 3 years now, quit smoking and went to vaping! This is seriously the best juice by far, and I've tried everything. Its very smooth, clean burning, and tastes amazing from morning to night.

Written by undefined on 31st Aug 2016


Written by undefined on 23rd Jul 2016

This is definitely my fav! It's perfect for summer. It's like I'm sipping on a blackberry mojito!

Written by undefined on 13th Jul 2016

Interesting. Love the organic.

Favorite by far
Written by Shawn on 26th Jun 2016

Tried all the flavors from vape organics and this is the best! I wouldn't order from anywhere else. Lucy's has the best price and the fastest shipping and free!

Goes down smooth
Written by undefined on 21st Jun 2016

Great flavor.. smooth draw

Amazing Flavour
Written by Kevin T on 13th Jun 2016

Picked this up along with the Melon + Tea. Was really looking forward to these, mainly because of the USDA approval seal. Really enjoying this thus far, have yet to try the Melon + Tea. I'm hoping that the 0mg will be even better, I must say that I made the mistake of picking up 3mg nic. the throat hit is far too harsh when compared to other ejuices that I vape with 3mg. Will be writing another review after I get a chance to try some 0mg juice from Vape Organics.

Written by undefined on 13th Jun 2016

This is only the 2nd juice I've ever tried and I really like it. Flavor is nice and not too overpowering.

Fresh and not too sweet
Written by undefined on 31st May 2016

This is by far my favorite and I have tried dozens. Fresh, not too sweet and no artificial taste.

Excellent juice!
Written by undefined on 28th May 2016

Love this flavor. Definitely strong on the mint, but I can taste the blackberry too. 100% VG is much nicer on the throat as well. Lucy's fast shipping is great!!

intense flavor
Written by Marty B on 26th Apr 2016

I have no idea what everyone else is talking about - the aroma from the blackberry and mint both come through equally strong. Its a really satisfying vape - even without the throat hit. I will definitely buy again

I like it!
Written by Deborah on 26th Apr 2016

I like the flavor although the mint comes out much more than the blackberry but Brian's video on YouTube said to expect that. Really wish they would bring the blackberry flavor to the forefront. Its nice but could be better.

It lives up to the hype!!
Written by undefined on 25th Mar 2016

I had been using e juices made from pg for a while. I had severe irritation in my throat due to the side effects of pg. I was so anxious to open up the blackberry and mint...and I can say once I vaped the juice a view times I knew I had discovered something worth buying again...and again..I have not had any side effects such as sore throat, tight neck, and nausia. You notice the difference immediately.Smooth, healthy, flavorful vaping e juices available at Lucy's!!!

Beautiful minty flavour
Written by Che Alsheikho on 3rd Mar 2016

The mint flavour is great and so natural as expected, barely noticeable blackberry flour. All in all a great juice and great cloud as well. Lucy's shipping time is very short ... 4 stars for the liquid 5 for Lucy. I highly recommend the juice specially it is a 100% VG.

My first e juice EVER
Written by Liza Mae on 27th Feb 2016

I liked this but really had nothing to compare it to until recently! This is my first juice and it got me off cigarettes :) I never really tasted the blackberry but my husband said he could smell it in the exhaled vapor. Anyway, I have tried several other flavors from other companies since and although there are some I enjoy , most have a very synthetic taste and that is a huge turn-off! I enjoyed the natural mint flavor but it didn't go with wine so I'm gonna check out Peanut Brittle next ;)

Written by undefined on 11th Feb 2016

Great organic ejuice

Written by undefined on 22nd Jan 2016

Can't not taste anything except the mint, no blackberry flavor at all. The mint is good just wish it had more of the blackberry in it

Awesome taste
Written by undefined on 29th Dec 2015

Cool mint when exhaled, verry smooth. Best in their line up.

Just Okay
Written by Kat on 19th Dec 2015

It's minty but too light on the blackberry. The mint isn't fresh or sweet like breath mints, it's more of a herbal mint flavor.

Only brand I'll buy now!
Written by Angie on 19th Dec 2015

I'll start by saying yum! It tastes great. The mint flavor is very strong, and I like that. The blackberry part isn't really a distinct flavor though. For me it's kind of just a generic fruity aftertaste. The shipping was super fast. All the articles coming out lately are talking about the dangers of smoking vape juices with synthetic flavoring. That's why I wanted to search for organic or vegan juice like this. I was worried it would cost a ton more, but it doesn't which lead me to the title, the only brand I'll buy now! I just ordered the Apple Caramelo and I'm excited to try it next.

Blackberry and Mint
Written by Mis on 2nd Nov 2015

I love that these are Organic. This is soooo much better than anything from a vape shop. The 100% VG switch made my skin clear up. Apparently, I was sensitive to the other stuff that was PG & VG . This flavor is very subtle. For me, the mint could have been a bit stronger, but it's a very nice mint. The blackberry flavor borders on artificial, like fruit flavored gum. Overall, I enjoyed it though, trying the coffee one next. Trying to get my husband to switch to 100%VG, can't even tolerate the smell of his anymore.

Too Minty
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2015

When I read mint, I gues I thought it would be like a menthol and it was like an actual sprig of Mint.

Fast shipping, delicious!
Written by Jamie on 11th Oct 2015

My first experience with organic e-juice. Product is very clean and smells great. I love the taste.

Sweet Juice
Written by Aida on 15th Sep 2015

I'd really rate this juice a 4.5 for taste and a 5 for overall satisfaction. The flavor tastes very pure. If you like mint, it's a great all day vape. LOVE IT!

Wow, I'm impressed!
Written by undefined on 11th Sep 2015

This was worth the wait! I love that it is 100% organic VG. The flavor of demand is impressive, taste like the freshman that would be an taste like the freshman that would be a mint mojito! The BlackBerry is very subtle. I will definitely be trying some other flavors.

strong taste!
Written by undefined on 3rd Sep 2015

the mint makes it feel like you are hitting a menthol cig. I don't think it's too good unless you cut it with something else. other than that, it is super clean!

Great taste
Written by SJ on 2nd Sep 2015

I just received my order of blackberry mint today and it tastes great. I love mint but this particular flavor has a nice mild mint that doesn't over power the blackberry, which is an awesome combination. I would order this flavor again.

Amazing flavor, great mouth feel, and I don't feel bad about it
Written by Puck in the 'Ham on 1st Sep 2015

This juice has a great natural flavor that tastes like real mint as opposed to menthol and the blackberry gives it just enough sweetness. I tastes like fruit and mint without tasting like a candy making it t very refreshing. The vape is thoroughly satisfying and produces a huge cloud from my sub-ohm that feels heavy in the mouth with out burning or choking. All of this on top of the fact that it is made with a palm oil free VG. I simply cannot recommend this juice enough.

A refreshing and realistic tasting e juice
Written by Sophie Rose on 29th Jun 2015

This is definitely my favorite e-juice. The organic e juice from Lucy's are always delicious, but this one is the best of all the ones I've tried. I love blackberries; I grow them in my own garden and have come to love the unique berry flavor the impart upon desserts and cocktails alike. This tastes JUST like blackberries. The flavor is fresh and juicy with the right amount of sweetness. It tastes really real; never artificial or chemical tasting like some other brands. The mint in this flavor blend tastes like a true mint; not like a candy or gum type peppermint or spearmint, but like real, fresh, mint leaves that you might cook with or muddle in a mojito. It adds a clean, crisp and slightly green flavor to this pleasant blackberry e juice. The mint gives a slightly cooling feel in the mouth, but not a weird, artificial menthol type minty feeling. Its just fresh and delicious.