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Vape Organics Monthly Subscription


If you are tired of constantly running out of your favorite organic e juice, Lucys has come up with a solution!! Sign up for our monthly subscription and get either 3 or 5  30ml bottles of vape organics in your choice of nicotine levels delivered to your door every month. All at a smoking deal and free shipping. Theres no contracts and you can quit at any time. Vape Organics is always 100%VG and USDA certified organic. 

Please add which flavors you would like in the notes/messages.  If none are entered you will get your desired amount of randomly picked Vape Organics Flavors.

On your intial order of the subscription we will mail your E-Juice and then every month on the 15th we will send you your E-Juice.  You will continue to get your E-Juice sent on the 15th until you cancel. 

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Written by VapeCBD on 20th Oct 2017

Vape Organics just became my favorite juice. Light but yet still full bodied in flavor, this e-juice is the best tasting stuff I have ever put into my tank. Thanks to Lucy's I am able to sample all the flavors over the next few months. I hope to find my favorite, and I will always be looking forward to see what my "flavors of the month" will be! PS. CBD users, I use Vape Organics mixed with PG (kosher) and CBD isolate. It defeats the purpose of 100% VG, but for those who are looking to use CBD, this stuff is incredible. But remember, you have to mix it together yourself!