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Vape Organics Monthly Subscription


If you are tired of constantly running out of your favorite organic e juice, Lucys has come up with a solution!! Sign up for our monthly subscription and get either 3 or 5  30ml bottles of vape organics in your choice of nicotine levels delivered to your door every month. All at a smoking deal and free shipping. Theres no contracts and you can quit at any time. Vape Organics is the leader in USDA certified organic e juice.  They start with a base of 100% organic soy bean oil and go on to add only natural flavorings.  Their nicotine is the real secret sauce, they start with only US grown organic tobacco leaves then use a patented process with liquid CO2 to extract the nicotine with out any harmful chemicals in a certified clean room.  The whole process takes place in the Vape Organics facility in southern California.  They take their production standards very seriously and only use pharmaceutical grade equipment and clean rooms. 

Please add which flavors you would like in the notes/messages.  If none are entered you will get your desired amount of randomly picked Vape Organics Flavors.

On your intial order of the subscription we will mail your E-Juice and then every month on the 15th we will send you your E-Juice.  You will continue to get your E-Juice sent on the 15th until you cancel. 

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Written by VapeCBD on 20th Oct 2017

Vape Organics just became my favorite juice. Light but yet still full bodied in flavor, this e-juice is the best tasting stuff I have ever put into my tank. Thanks to Lucy's I am able to sample all the flavors over the next few months. I hope to find my favorite, and I will always be looking forward to see what my "flavors of the month" will be! PS. CBD users, I use Vape Organics mixed with PG (kosher) and CBD isolate. It defeats the purpose of 100% VG, but for those who are looking to use CBD, this stuff is incredible. But remember, you have to mix it together yourself!