Voost Run E Liquid


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Voost Run E Liquid

Voost Run E Liquid is for all the running athletic vapors out there.  It can be used anytime of day and is best right before a workout or being active.  It gives that boost by using ingredients like bilberry extract, a whole host of B12's and caffeine.  Many of these ingredients are found in energy drinks. What Voost can do since is it vaporized is get those B12 vitamins in your system so much faster than drinking them, its a easy choice when you need that Boost.  The flavor is a tropical combination using UADA certified organic pineapple,    coconuts,mango and banana.  Like all Voost products it has no nicotine and comes in the super large 60ml size.


  • Uses only organic ingredients
  • Flavor is Tropical
  • 100% VG
  • ZERO nicotine
  • Gives that extra burst of energy when active.
  • Size is 60ml 


**Sale to minors is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties. Must be of legal smoking age. 

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Written by Melissa Karris on 19th Mar 2019

Interesting concept. Figured if I was going to switch from smoking to vaping, why not vape with added benefits. Definitely feel a little boost from the B12 and Caffeine. Great, smooth flavor. Perfect blend of tropical fruits. Will definitely re-order!